21 March 2011


I'm heading to Vietnam for a week so I've lined up some filler posts with funny screenshots. Today we have some humorous conversations.

Profit sharing.

One of the Ascendant Council guys sounds just like the serious movie trailer voice guy. (We were wiping, if you didn't notice)

This is my psychic friend. We have the same thoughts. (This was a conversation about the Efflorescence graphic)

I'm not an escort kind of girl.

They may be Death Knights of Blood, but they still do their best to help everyone out!

Yeah, you can have my gold...if you can find it!

This poor person is so drunk right now...

Awww! Even the relaxed moonkin has to ragequit every once in a while.

I was riding around on my mammoth with manfriend doing holiday activities. I don't remember what I was wearing but I guess it was pretty good. I like the final "dude" the best. 

Oh. Well, when you put it that way.

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