03 January 2012

Furtive Father Winter 2011: Huge success!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2011 winter gift exchange! I'm extremely pleased to report that everyone who signed up both sent and received a post. There was a wide range of topics and ideas covered, from fiction to art to poetry to boss strategy to AH tactics to addons! I sincerely hope that everyone had fun and enjoyed their gifts. Thank you all for being so creative and generous and helping to start the new year off right. If you haven't already, please take a moment to read (and comment! We love comments!) this year's gift posts!

Amerence - from red cow rise
Liala - from The Golden Crusade
Kamaliafrom Disciplinary Action
Windsoarfrom Effraeti's RP
Draccusfrom Flinthammer Hall
Navimiefrom Heroically Random
Cymre - from Fel Concentration
Beruthielfrom The Bossy Pally
Opheliefrom Raiding After Dark
Akabekofrom Dwarven Battle Medic
Miafrom Bubbles of Mischief
Effraetifrom Bravetank
Anslymfrom The Daily Frostwolf
Gladlyfrom Children of Wrath
Poneriafrom Altaholic Warcraft
Thespius - from AmerPriest
RenaissanceMan - from The Reluctant Raider
Morrighan - from The Ready Check
Xsinthis - from Kamalia et Alia
Saif - from Chronicles of Mia
Angelya - from Falling Leaves and Wings
Karegina - from A Druid's Doodling
Oestrus from Resto is Epic
Dreamyfrom Jaded Alt
Rilandunefrom The Stories of O
Bravetank - from Bag Overflow
Ringo Flinthammer - from Caer Morrighan
Fannon - from Healer By Nature
Katarnas - from Revive and Rejuvenate
Nightwill - from Drunkard's Regalia


  1. thx again Aka for posting such a fun event :)

  2. You are of great value to this community, well done, that is all.

    - Jamin

  3. Thanks, you two! That means a lot to me :)