24 January 2012

[Shared Topic] Nerd Badges

This week's Shared Topic! Head over and weigh in.

It's one thing to talk openly about playing video games, or watching your favorite nerd TV. But if there's no reason to bring it up, how else do you advertise your nerdly interests? Do you even want others to know?

With physical items, the obvious nerdliness of the item will influence the reaction you get. When I was still traveling to manfriend's place on weekends, I kept my authenticator on my phone. The colorful pattern attracted attention from coworkers (don't press the button OMFG stop pressing the button), and I often had to explain it to them. However, having it visible on my phone served as an easy icebreaker to talk to some other guys at a friend's wedding. Reading similar stories about "nerd sightings" like Horde bumper stickers or "green linen" Tshirts always makes me smile.

The other things I have are more subtle, personal badges. The most important one is my awesome tree necklace - it has absolutely nothing to do with WoW. Ostensibly, at least. I mean, it is a tree. I think you know how I feel about trees (hug them!). Plus, it was a gift from a friend. And, the design is so unique that I often get compliments on it!

I also have an amazing resto-centric ring. Unfortunately, I can't wear it until I get it remade in another material. But just look at it! The moon shapes surrounding the resto leaf? That's some class WoW merch!

It isn't just limited to WoW, either. I have a pokemon handkerchief and a cell phone strap of the female player from Black/White. I even found a very neat replica of Sailor Pluto's time key.

People don't always notice or comment on my nerd badges, but there is something to be said for having them. When I find someone who recognizes it, it's like being in a secret club! "Nice shirt" *understanding grin* "You, too?" ~instant friends~ Well, up until the faction rivalry comes out. But it's a start!


  1. Oh I do like your pokemon nerd badge Aka! I have to admit the others are quite subtle. I agree that nerd badges can be a great icebreaker, but nobody has yet come up to me and struck up a WoW conversation. I wish they would!

    1. To be honest, I haven't gotten a HUGE amount of new friends from the nerd gear. Well, with WoW stuff anyway. My pokemon handkerchief makes me instant BFFs with my elementary students >_>;;;

  2. Love the topic :) thanks for starting it ;)

    Alliance Pride :p

  3. I love the tree and the ring, but I'd be too worried about my authenticator to put it on my phone—I keep dropping my phone! ^_~;;

    This week's post has certainly made me more aware of how much (and how little) WoW has seeped out into my 'normal' life. I think I need to start taking a new look at how far I can push 'business professional environment' at work… *grin*

    1. I approve of this idea! I'd love to hear about what you do and how it works out :>