27 January 2012

Ring giveaway!

Remember the totally sweet druid ring I mentioned? It's made by Tesh of Tish Tosh Tesh and available from Tish Tosh Tesh Toys via the Shapeways website. I said before that I am getting a replacement in another material, which means that I have a lovely spare ring to give away!

You want this thing!
The color compared to a silver ring.
The full story is that I ordered the ring in stainless steel, thinking I wouldn't have a reaction to the metal despite having sensitivities to copper and nickel. However, Shapeways coats their stainless steel pieces in a bronze mixture, which gave me a nasty discolored rash. I (will be) getting a replacement ring in silver, so one of you can have this ring for free!

It's a ladies US size 9 (do some googling or have a jeweler at the mall measure you). I will mail it to you (possibly with a letter! I might even include some  Japanese snacks!). It costs you nothing - although I will graciously accept any donations of brownie mix :P

Yeah! Take this thing from me!
I realize that there's probably a very small population of people who want a slim, size 9 resto druid leaf/moon pattern ring and aren't sensitive to copper/bronze, so please help me spread the word by retweeting and linking! And if this isn't your size or spec but you're interested in druid gear, get thee to Tesh's page on Shapeways and order your own :D

Resto druids! Free ring!


  1. Been off the blog wagon but I've tweeted this for ya! I do have access to Brownie mix as well...

  2. my girl would love it. let me know!

  3. If darush wants it, that's cool. I looked at the shapeways site and might order one for me and my daughter as well.

  4. I would love it!
    irinasas at yahoo dot com

  5. Hi guys! Sorry to keep you waiting >< I am going to send the ring to Sizzlelegs. Thank you for your interest!