06 January 2012


Chances are that I'm jetlagged out of my mind and staring blankly at the wall somewhere, so here are pictures of an invitation I made for my manfriend at the time Cataclysm came out.

It was awkward printing the logo out at work.
I get to sit at the kotatsu because I'm short and don't mind sitting on the floor.
Go Horde~
A closeup of the tree, my favorite part. The little nyoron face down there is me eyeing those delicious smoked cheese snacks the tree is holding.


  1. LOL Aka, sooo funny! So Japanese (funny that :P)

  2. :) Such a great looking invitation! I certainly hope he accepted as well.

  3. @Navi: Is it the package of smoked cheese? That stuff is amazing for gaming snacks *_*

    @Solitudeone: Thanks! He did come over for the weekend and we had a great time questing :D

    @Cymre: Thanks :>