15 August 2012

Causing trouble

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"I'm concerned with the...logistics."

"Well, we would obviously have to stealth to the pen, but I think we could go safely most of the way outside of the fairgrounds. Then, we wait until everyone has closed up and left and make our move. If we can't flip Dubenko on our own I figure one of us can go bear form for the extra power. Then, we just have to drop by the bullseye and escape through the portal without being caught!"

Akabeko leaned over her project, eyes comically large behind her magnifying goggles. Her worktable was strewn with repair tools. "The plan I understand. What I'm more concerned with is the fact that my guildies have forbidden me from visiting the Faire anymore." She carefully removed a panel on the side of the mechanical rabbit.

"I...did not realize that. Did they put a spell to prevent you from traveling through the portal?" The other tauren looked on curiously as Akabeko puzzled over the tiny compartment underneath the panel.

"No, I don't think so, but I know they would be very upset with me if I did. Also, they would know I was involved if anything happened to Dubenko." She shrugged minutely and flipped a switch on the panel.

Suddenly, the mechanical rabbit gave a great shudder and began to beep. The green glass eyes lit up, bathing the small room in watery light punctuated by the flashing red lights installed in the tail. "H E A T - S E E K I N G - M I S S I L E S - A C T I V A T E D," the rabbit informed them, ceramic teeth clicking in the semblance of speech. A compartment on the back opened, revealing two bright red rockets. They twisted this way and that, hunting for a target. "A C Q U I R I N G - T A R G E T," the rabbit placidly continued.

"Oh dear," said Akabeko. Her companion merely watched with interest.

The rockets spun completely around and settled on Akabeko. "T A R G E T - A C Q U I R E D," the rabbit chirped helpfully.

Wire cutters in hand, Akabeko frantically began snipping connections inside the rabbit, hoping to deactivate it. The rockets began to hum. "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear," she muttered, snipping away.

Calmly, her friend leaned forward and flicked the switch off. The rockets powered down, withdrawing into their compartments, and the panels slid back into place with a snap.

"Thanks, Navi," Akabeko said, putting down the wire cutters.

The other druid grinned. "Anytime. Back to our plans, though. I heard something else through the wildvine that might get you in trouble with your guild and ruin our plans further."

Suddenly the picture of nonchalance, Akabeko contemplated all the wires she had severed. "Oh?"

"Rumor has it that a druid has been harassing inexperienced adventurers in Stranglethorn Vale." She watched her friend closely for a reaction. "The story goes that she stealths along behind them, revealing herself either to kill their target or pretend to be a wild beast herself." Navimie leaned forward. "Aka, the druid had your exact description."

Despite her scrutiny, the wires did not magically knit themselves back together. She sighed in resignation. "All right, I may or may not have gone to Stranglethorn Vale with the express intention of playing practical jokes on hapless adventurers." She glanced at Navimie's face, hoping for sympathy.

"To be honest, at just about any other time I would be out there with you having a laugh, but not now, not so close to our mission! You know they only let visitors into the Faire once during each moon!" Navimie sighed in amused exasperation. "I thought Dubenko was your real goal, but you've been doing things to get you in even worse trouble with your guild instead!"

The doorbell Akabeko had rigged up in her workshop chimed accusingly, and they heard the front door opened with a bang. Moments later, Katza stalked into the room, looking thunderous. Navimie gave Akabeko a meaningful look and stood.

"We'll be in touch," she said ambiguously. She nodded politely to the forsaken. "Morning, Katza. I was just leaving."

Akabeko looked pleadingly after her friend, then turned guiltily to her raid leader. "I don't suppose you came to talk politics?"


  1. ROFL!

    Oh, I was hoping that there would be another installment of the Akabeko vs Dubenko story!

    And Navi is in it, too! XD

    1. She has some of her own issues with the Faire 8)

  2. Oh no! I so hope Aka and Navi get a chance to complete their mission. Dubenko MUST DIE!



    I loved "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear", haha.

    1. Aka is strangely calm in the face of live explosives. I think it comes with the engineering territory :D

    2. So did I!

  4. Woo! Love it :D Now I can do mine....

    1. Navi you are such an enabler! Lucky Beko has Katza to keep her in line....

    2. I hope Katza doesn't mind that I'm making her the "antagonist" here >_>

  5. "Oh dear oh dear oh dear."


    Damn you Hordies, make it hard for me to figure out how to get you to meet Lis or Mollie!

    1. As a member of the Cenarion Circle, Aka is totally open to meeting Allies :>