13 August 2012

Technology is bringing me down

I realize that for people who regularly play on slow/sad computers this will probably just sound like some entitled whining, so feel free to skip that if you don't want to spend the next few paragraphs rolling your eyes at how pathetic I am.

Many moons ago, I started playing WoW on my macbook (Lappy). When I bought it, I didn't do much gaming, and as such graphics cards didn't figure into my comparison of Windows vs Mac laptops. Then I got into WoW and played exclusively on the macbook. I leveled several toons and raided almost the entirety of Wrath on this computer. Stats like 8FPS were not uncommon, but I made it work and was quite successful in my casual raiding group.

Then I built a PC (Voyager), because isn't that the next logical step when it comes to gaming addiction? I wasn't rocking the settings on ultra - I was, after all, still a jobless college student - but 60FPS were not unheard of in the frozen plains of Howling Fjord.

And NOW. Now I've been gaming for years on a PC that snaps to attention when I click on spells, mounts, and targets. I can appreciate the difference between the model quality of my character and her highly detailed armor because the graphics can actually display both. I can run addons - SO MANY ADDONS - to make my screen lovely and useful.

But a PC isn't something you can just toss in your carryon, and I wouldn't trust it to baggage handlers. So I've got Lappy at home with me this month...and it's actually deterring me from gaming! At first I thought, well, I'm just having so much fun shooting the shit with Mom, or I can't help falling asleep at 8:30. But even when I am awake and it would be so easy to quest on an alt, or grind archaeology, or maybe do my Tol Barad dailies, the laggy movement and murky graphics wear on me and I find myself logging out! My mouse jumps spastically across the screen, missing the target or clicking too many times while the game decides if it will choose the target or not. I can't do the Darkmoon dailies as efficiently as usual and even *scream* Dubenko's daily is giving me less success.

How was I able to grind endlessly and raid Ulduar and all that good stuff before? Was not knowing that it could be better the reason why I happily logged in day after day and had no trouble? Maybe I was just a worse player...or perhaps a better one, because I managed so many more difficulties? UGH WHATEVER THIS IS MY SPOILED RANT. I MISS MY BEEFY PC.


  1. I feel you. I went from a really cruddy laptop to a better laptop and it made such a huge difference. I was like "Wow, my lag's been cut in half! No random disconnecting when loading instances!" Then we finished my husband's desktop which is an awesome computer. I steal it when I can and whine that my laptop lags and has to be put on fair settings. Sometimes, I won't play until he leaves it because it's so annoying. I feel a little ungrateful about it. >_>

    1. I feel so spoiled, but I really miss my nice computer when I have to play on my crappy laptop DX