22 August 2012

Upgrade your OS, Macs!

There was some news about patch 5.0.4, which will usher in some changes from Mists of Pandaria and in general get us ready to welcome our pandaren friends. In particular, I'm excited about the sharing of mounts and pets across toons, AOE looting, battletags, and talent changes. HOWEVER, sad news! When I opened the launcher to start my background downloader, I got a message saying that the next version of WoW will no longer work on my ancient operating system! For the record, I'm running Leopard 10.5.8 on a 2008 macbook. Yes, I live under a rock. And I'm cheap.

Some searching around online brought me very little information. Best Buy and the Apple store both wanted to sell me Mountain Lion which isn't even supported on a machine this old. Lion, which came before ML, is available in the app store, EXCEPT that I need a Snow Leopard install before I can upgrade. Finally I called up apple support to see what could be done. They hooked me up with both Snow Leopard and Lion for $20 each, although I have to wait for SL to come in the mail. The customer service lady told me she had already sold 10 copies of SL that day, leading me to wonder why Apple doesn't still just list it in the store. It would save lazy assholes like me a lot of panic and waiting on hold!

So soon my pokey laptop will be compatible with my programs for at least a few more years. Except that this morning when I booted up the computer and tried to start writing this post, both the keyboard and trackpad stopped working. I thought maybe I had turned on universal access, but it was still off. I'm using a USB mouse and keyboard just fine at the moment, but since the beauty of a laptop is the portability I'm afraid I'll have to take it in to be repaired. I don't want to pour more money into this thing -_-


  1. Now do you begin to understand the Mantrid rage about all things Mac....

    1. When it works, it works, but when it doesn't...all my nerd rage. All I want is for information to be readily available DX Also lots of money so I can just constantly upgrade my rigs ;)