26 October 2012

A challenger appears!

No fiction tonight because I am getting up at 5:30 tomorrow to go visit a MOUNTAIN.

I did have a few productive hours this week, mostly while kicking myself for not doing something more productive with my time.

Really, it's the gchat you should read here. The picture is just for reference
I have much prettier pictures of my time at the temple but look at this sweet rug!
I...fell down.
Someone hopped on a kite seconds after me 8D
They went through all the trouble to restore it and couldn't clean up the frakkin moss?
The taxidermist here has a twisted sense of humor
All the creatures are facing him
Then this guy showed up. WAIT, WHAT?
Oh my....
"Terminator" he said
Huffin that incense
Gadget buddies
D'aww everyone together
Not far from the truth????
Happy level 89 or something


  1. LOL Happy 89 indeed Bekochan :)
    The pic of the new novel made me laugh - I got sent one by a guildie as well /grin

    1. I swear I don't reread those books at every opportunity >_>

  2. There seem to be a few of the quirky novels around this x-pac :)

    1. I need them all! I want a gbank as a library to store them :)

  3. Nice pictures :P:)The second is the best :)

  4. Hahaha, your guildies are awesome. ;D