15 October 2012

Blogiversary gifsplosion

I said I would give you gifs if you gave me comment love, and so I come bearing jerkily animated gifts. Only two of you wanted to give "inspiration" so the rest of you get something I think is appropriate for you =_=

Kamalia: "so much to do, so little time" "where the hex did I leave my Timeturner?"
I wanted to use something either Star Trek or HP related but this seemed to be the most appropriate...

So cheerful, so charming! Who doesn't want to be friends with you, for real?

I don't think we have talked much so here's to getting to know you better!

Welp I hope this doesn't offend you but you strike me as this friendly sloth here. Totally chill, totally approachable, and maybe a little sassy.

It took me a few minutes to decide between a few gifs but I went with one I knew I hadn't posted before. You definitely strike me as someone who would keep having fun even if life threw something shitty your way, like, say, a flaming pizza.

How are you always so cheerful and energetic? The world may never know. I appreciate your unflagging curiosity, though :)

Dahakha: "twitching bull"
Ok I want you to know that I put serious time into looking for a good gif but was not super successful. First you get "jackass bullfighting" because what. the. hell. is this? Completely insane.
Bonus cow:


  1. I like the Obama one. Makes me happy! MOO!

  2. Rofl! You're right, that IS a perfect gif to encapsulate the bounty of things to do in Pandaria! :D

    Oh, my, that bull running around the teeter-totter is crazy. And scary.

  3. Actually howling with laughter at these, great GREAT work.


  4. Perfect. Simply perfect. Can you hear what she's dancing to? It's Gangnam Style!


  5. They are all so wonderful but, jello man!!! I don't know, jello man may now tie with yellow man as my favorite!