08 October 2012

Belated Blogiversary!

As it turns out, red cow rise turned TWO on September 13th and I totally missed it! I don't know if one can call two years worth of gif-supported rants and vaguely relevant game commentary a milestone, but such are the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Last time, in an ill-advised attempt to be like everyone else, I made up some dumb idea or other to answer questions for commenters. But let's face it, no one wants to ask me questions because I already talk so damn much! INSTEAD, and I think you'll like this so much better, I have decided that I will provide a GIF for every commenter on this post!

What I need from you: your name and twitter/blog url if you want linkage. Please type it directly so I don't have to go hunting you down! I'm a busy lady! (no I'm not) Then, please give me a short description or story that you would like me to find a corresponding gif for. Just about any noun, adjective, or verb can be expressed through gif! I'm thinking I'll post the results either Wednesday, or wait until Monday to give people time. Probably Monday!

Ok, let's all look at some pictures.

"Do you want to maybe not do that in our shop?"
Kite taxi!
Even the buildings have kites
Dawn's Blossom


  1. Happy Blogiversary, Akabeko! Here's to more years of screenshots and gifsplosions and wonderful stories!

    Hmm, as I look at all there is to do in Pandaria, I think a gif of "so much to do, so little time!" or "where the hex did I leave my Timeturner?!" would be appropriate. :D

  2. Happy Blogiversary! Wow, I like Kam's idea, so much to do, so little time has been popping into my head since I hit Pandaria.

  3. Happy-happy two years! It has been a real pleasure following you.

  4. Hooray two years! Congrats! :D

  5. Congrats on the big two.......... it, should probably find something that fits better than that but as you know I too am a busy guy (you know what goes here). As for my gif I want you to find the perfect one that describes the very essence of my being. Up to you to figure out what that is, and if you fudge it up I'll hate you for like ever (ever meaning like 2 minutes or till something draws my attention away). Anyway, like I said before congrats on the big OH TWO!


  6. Happy 2 years akabeko! Wow I guess I've been reading you for ages then huh! Here's to many more!

  7. I can't believe it's 2 years already! I can't believe I've known you nearly that long......damn I'm getting old. You continue to impress me with your creativity and enthusiasm for WoW as recorded by this blog. :D Congratulations!

    For my gif, I'd like a Bull that twitches, please. >.>