19 April 2011

Day 2: Why blog?

This is the next day in Saga of Spellbound's 20 days of...WoW blogging challenge. You can find more participants here.

What prompted me to start a blog? In the 6 months or so leading up to my first post, I followed 2 blogging shitstorms that led me to some admirable writers that made me feel excited about commenting and getting involved in blogland. The first was what has since been referred to as "Women in WoW" which, despite claims that "girls don't play WoW" and similar sentiments are obsolete, continues to be a hornets' nest of discussion fodder. The second was the RealID explosion, which interestingly enough was at least partially related to the first.

Both topics I followed with interest. Especially during RealID I needed the support of like-minded folks, because I was facing the possibility of quitting the game, not because I was done playing, but because I would not have my real name publicly associated with my Azeroth activities. During weekdays, WoW is my only source of English-language conversation and community, so I was pretty stressed. 

Long story short (too late), I was introduced to the rich WoW blogosphere. The more I read, the more I began to think about my own thoughts on the topics addressed, and they always turned into more than a comment here and there. Although it was major topics that brought me into blogging, my list of "What do I bring to a wow blog?" (I love lists) looked like:
1) screenshots
2) funny stories
3) resto guides or something??? 
Perhaps not a lot to go on, but I had the time and the inclination to write at least for myself, if not for others. I got the blog name, spent a week or so toying with the layout, and tentatively jumped into posting!


  1. Oh, yea, I remember the RealID thing, particularly the part about having forum posters display their real names. When they backed off that requirement, I could live with the rest, as it was more easily controlled. (I activated parental controls on my account and disabled RealID . . .)

  2. The real names as requirement on the forums really freaked me out, especially when players take developers named "Ghostcrawler" seriously without a real name attached. I use RealID now with people I have meet IRL and talk to via facebook or email, but I've heard of guilds that require it for admission and that just weirds me out.