28 April 2011

New patch

Before I forget, I want to mention that this week's Twisted Nether Podcast, which I just now got around to listening, made me laugh quite a bit, especially with the segment about "roar, I'm a dinosaur" in Japanese. They found a translation on yahoo answers, but if you are curious it looks like this: 「ウリャー!恐竜だ!」(Uryaa! Kyouryuu da!) The yahoo answers suggested "gaoo" for the roar sound,  but that makes me think of big cats, and uryaa sounds more like a shriek I associate with the Jurassic Park dinos >_> Also fun fact: the word for dinosaur is "scary dragon."

In other minor news, I have updated some stuff around the site, including my blogroll which should hopefully more accurately reflect the bajillion blogs I follow. As a general note, if you are truncating your feed posts you should totally stop doing that, and if you don't I will put your blog into fullrsstextfeed.com and forcibly untruncate your posts. I'm not sure how that plays with Blogger's recognition of said feed, however, so I may not be able to advertise for you in my blogroll! Untruncate your feeds! /flips every table

Next week I will be traveling for Golden Week, so although I have posts scheduled I will be slow on comments. A friend has offered to sell me his used DS Lite before he returns to the States, so I'm glad I can save my Wheel of Time books for when I'll be...at work... The only problem is that his DS is pink. -_- And not even an exciting bold pink! Maybe I should just get a new one so I can get a blue one, eh? That's totally worth 300 bucks.

Influx of interest! Being generally responsible means being busy after work, which makes me oddly uninterested in WoW when I finally do get time to log on. I typically get excited about holiday events, but having no desire to get "the Noble" on any more toons and the distinct lack of enjoyable quests means Noblegarden has been a disappointment. In terms of motivating me to do dailies or play my alts, anyway. The egg rage always makes me laugh, especially the rare moments when it sneaks up on me! Running up to an egg, only to see it disappear as you arrive and a pink bunny scamper off...ah, I love it when people get mad over pastel chocolate eggs. It reminds me of hunting them in the middle of the night with my old guildies. I was  running circles around Brill, /yelling at my two guildies running their own circles. Some idiot had the gall to call us losers for spending our Friday night playing WoW. Hello pot, this is kettle! The next night found us in Bloodhoof, where I was camping a lovely spot with 4 spawn points. My guildie stupidly made some comment about me having boobs (even funnier, as he has zero interest in the ladies), and I had to gently let down a vaguely creepy, curious lowbie who whispered me to ask me "if I really was a girl" and then a bunch of adorably nooby questions about how to play the game.

Despite Noblegarden failing to be exciting, as far as holidays go, I stayed home Wednesday night to raid and had a BLAST. It's been so long since enough people were online on a night I was available to raid, and I have been seriously neglecting my heroics. Just rolling through bosses in BWD was sheer joy in itself, but I was being reminded of the 4.1 changes left and right which was icing on the cake. Now I can do more than one heroic per day without feeling like it's wasted time, we got credit for a guild challenge (killing a raid boss) and 1000g, we got some people their Chimaeron achievement, ZG and ZA are out for whenever I can find time and a guild group to explore them, I got two new kitty pets (and a ton of secret achievements!), and I just found out that Children's Week has a fourth pet added! Everything is all smiles, and although not a single piece of spirit leather dropped, I got three (!!!) agi leather pieces for my bear set. Neither our bear tank nor rogue wanted them, although I felt like a pile of poo taking them for a spec I am so selfish with. At least I don't feel terrible about depriving the guild of shards, what with the new sources of epix!

Speaking of patch changes, I took the opportunity to redo both of my specs. WHICH, by the way, go up in price as if it were the same spec being changed multiple times. Remember when changing your singular spec within a certain time frame would drive up the price? Well, despite the fact that we have two distinct specs, they are still perceived as one, so changing one right after the other doubles the price. Poor form! At any rate, you must be beside yourselves with excitement to see my new specs!

Resto spec 4.1
 I got back the wonderful Efflorescence and avoided points in the Rejuve-specific talents in favor of the mana talents in Balance and Feral. Sadly, I couldn't respec in time for raid, but I look forward to using this new spec soon!!
Feral spec 4.1
This spec was created based on The Inc Bear's hybrid feral post. I hope this and my new pieces will help me solo more stuff!


  1. It's cool that everybody has their own little stories about holiday events and how 'this one time, with guildies...'. Makes the holidays more special than achievement points and a purple dragon.

  2. I agree - it's much more interesting to talk about *how* you did something!