10 April 2011

[Shared Topic] Weird Habits in WoW

I was thinking about some of the strange things I feel compelled to do in WoW and wondered what habits other people might have. Habits generally make up part of a routine, but I'm not interested in "I always grab flasks and make a pit stop before raid" so much as I want to hear about quirks like "Whenever I inspect someone's gear I also try all of it on to see how it looks on my toon."

My habits: emotes
My favorite in-game emote is /lick. I use it all the time. But just to be clear, it's not supposed to be sexual AT ALL (I'm looking at you, creepy ex-guildie). I envision /licking not as some seductive errogenous-zone tonguing, but rather walking up to someone and giving them a big sloppy lick right across their face. Maybe they get some spit in their nose or eyes or something.

Aside from that, I'm a huge fan of custom emotes. My current favorites are:

/e is turning into Akahulko...!!! (This is to get pumped for boss fights or to menace a guildie)
/e tips you over. (even cows go cow-tipping)

My habits: gameplay
Perhaps you've raided with a resto druid who couldn't sit still. That resto druid is me. If space permits, I run in circles or orbit other players (I like to tell them I am their electron). If I can't move around, I spin in place. And through all this I also jump. If possible, I like to jump in a zig zag pattern. All of this movement is occasionally hampered by the need to stop and cast, but I never let it get me down! My favorite fight is Lord Camelgar Ptah in Halls of Origination because I can put myself on autorun and still heal fine. (This also gives me free time to /yell CAMEEEEELLLLL STOOOORRRRRM!)

I also follow people around. Not people I don't know, because either they think I'm creeper or they themselves turn out to be a creeper. But in guild raids, I usually pick one person and I stack on them during  idle times. If they move or jump around, I dutifully follow after them and stack on them again. Strangely enough, I don't get many responses to this. I'm not sure if it's because they don't notice, attribute the behavior to something related to the strat, or simply shake their heads in confusion.

My habits: idling
I compose screenshots. I don't always take them, but I can't stop spinning and angling the camera, zooming in and out, and nudging myself this way and that to find interesting framing. It can be anything from idling in the Org inn to autorunning across a zone to a digsite. I love screenshots!


  1. Oh hell yes, I /lick left and right and don't let my thoughts end at a sloppy gross lick across someone's face. I imagine sometimes I sneak up on someone unawares and just lick their arm or their back or something. Nothing sexy in it at ALL and anyone who takes it as such is very weird. :(

  2. If I'm having a really engaging conversation in-game, or sometimes when I'm recording a video, I often find myself just running aimlessly in circles - Undercity is particularly good for this. I also jump continously while fighting in PvP - it's just a reflex of mine to hit spacebar after every ability.

  3. Haha, I can imagine it, a tauren running and jumping around in raids licking everyone across their faces :D I love taurens, and druids <3 And this topic by the way!

  4. I'm a big fan of running around while casting and only stopping if necessary while healing. This has actually helped me become comfortable with raid fights where there is a lot of movement.

  5. I absolutely *hate* people who bounce around/run around like that. I have some sensory integration/OCD issues, and it gives me the heebies. It seems to happen during periods of downtime in instances and raids. My former GM/raid leader used to bounce around like that while he was explaining fights, and I yelled at him over it repeatedly.

    Then I started raiding on a shadow priest, and I'd just Levitate him. I win.

  6. @undercity: Yess high five! /lick is the best emote, provided you hang out with people who are appropriately grossed out by it :)

    @Fuzzy: I once tried to run around the upper tier of UC, but I fell off so often that I gave up. >_> Did you also run circles in Dalaran?

    @Syrco: /lick! Thanks :)

    @Zel: I totally agree - it's easy to run out of fire if you are already on autorun. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to happily play a class that has to stand still and cast regularly...

    @Stormy: I'm sorry XD For what it's worth, if you asked me to stop I totally would. Especially if it would spare me the cruelty of Levitate!!

  7. I used to /lick my guildies all the time when I was still a guild leader. I think it weirded out most of my new recruits. Ooooh well!

    The /e tips you over emote is fantastic! I really do need to think up some new emotes...hmmm.

    <3 this topic!

  8. well, 1, i sometimes find myself staring into nowhere, and start thinking, "why wont my eyes move" it's like the feeling of needing to move them, but wanting to keep em like that..
    2, when im talking with someone online, i read out what we say and mimmic the emotion cause it makes me laugh.

    i also yell at people who got stung by bees cause they just killed one bee life and they say it hurt, even with the bee, it hurt more and they died ]:

    now something ON topic, i stalk ppl in my guild. i first find out where they are and then follow them around till they are afraid :l it just seems fun.