25 April 2011

Day 3: A wild noob appears!

This is the next day in Saga of Spellbound's 20 days of...WoW blogging challenge. You can find more participants here.

Catch up on Day 2: Why blog?

My first day in WoW was one of those travesties where you know "One day we'll look back on this and laugh."

I started with a human priest in the dark forests of Elwynn. My human warlock BFF and our nelf druid friend came to meet me at Northshire Abbey, where I proceeded to have some very embarrassingly basic problems. They were talking to me in floating white text bubbles. I tabbed out to AIM.

redcow: how do i type bakc??/
lockbff: /s

I tabbed back in.

[Amarosa] says: ohi
[Lockbff] invites you to a group.

The text suddenly became blue. I didn't know how to make my text blue, so I responded in white /s. Bystanders laughed at my noobish questions. My friends began to emote at me.

Nelfdruid licks you.
Lockbff hugs you.
[Amarosa] says: WTF how are you doin that??

Conspiratorial purple text appeared.

[Nelfdruid] whispers: type /hug
You need a hug!
[Amarosa] says: WTF it didnt work!!
[Nelfdruid] whispers: click on someone and type it!
You hug Nelfdruid.
[Amarosa] says: why are you whispering to me?

They explained the concept of a private conversation and instructed me to /whisper name or /r name. Nelfdruid's name was 10 characters, and Lockbff's 7. I spent a lot of time typing both out unnecessarily for our hushed, secretive conversations.

They taught me how to play a caster: target the thing you want to kill, then inch forward until the numbers on your buttons are gray instead of red. That was an easy enough lesson! It would be weeks before I learned about my priest bubble, which led to a lot of dying. I killed some wolves to show off my new skills.

To [Nelfdruid]: ok im gonna log off and go to bed
[Nelfdruid] whispers: kk byeeee!
To [Nelfdruid]: how do i save??
[Party] [Nelfdruid]: you don't save
[Party] [Nelfdruid]: it's an mmo
[Party] [Lockbff]: Lol!! It's not like pokemon. You don't need to save.
[Amarosa] says: but what will happen to my character!?
[Party] [Nelfdruid]: it just waits here for you!
[Amarosa] says: WTF
[Amarosa] has gone offline.

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  1. Kids these days, don't have the time to read game manuals.
    Then again, even armed with that knowledge I made some pretty serious mistakes my first day - I thought the blue arrow on the minimap (the one that tells you where the nearest town is) was telling me where to go for quests, so I kept running in circles around Brill. Confusing times.

  2. Haha! Game manual. I didn't have my own CD or a box until my trial had ended and I bought the battlechest with Vanilla and BC. Of course, even then I didn't bother to read the game manual because I had friends' brains to pick! :3