03 November 2011

Goblin Journal: With the Forsaken

I found an opportunity for quick coin in the Western Plaguelands. I can't say I'm quick to be getting back to those forsaken zombies, but a mage in Booty Bay assured me I could make plenty while keeping the plaguelands free of the actual bad kind of zombies. So that's how I found myself in Andorhal, a forsaken outpost set on retaking the rest of the town.

It wasn't the best gig I've ever had; the scourge looks too much like the forsaken for my comfort. I did their quests as quick as I could, mostly under the order of Koltira Deathweaver. Maybe it's hypocritical, but at least he looks like a blood elf, even if he's gone a bit sour. There was another forsaken woman giving me orders, but her strangeness explained itself quickly enough when she turned out to be Lady Sylvanas in disguise. And let me tell you - she was not happy with Koltira. I was there when he confronted his rival Thassarian, and then when Sylvanas dragged him to Undercity in punishment. Frankly, nothing I want to look too closely into.

Luckily, I was able to get a new assignment working with the Cenarion Circle trying to heal the plagued earth. My first surprise was encountering worgen! You'd think I'd be used to enormous bipedal animals, but the worgen come off as much more ferocious than the tauren. Still, their coin is as good as any other. They set me up with an apprentice druid - a troll prone to accidents. I did most of the work while he followed me around, getting into trouble with his own spells. What are they teaching young druids these days?

I did take a liking to Zen'kiki, as unlikely as that seems. His antics, if not helpful, were at least enough  for a laugh while I did the quests for both of us. In the end, the druids decided he might be better at healing, since his offensive skills were lackluster at best. I took him to rustle up some plagued wildlife and he did a stellar job returning them to their healthy state. At least he found some way to make a living!

After cleaning up the leftover scourge cauldrons and getting Zen'kiki sorted out, I was sent to meet the Argent Crusade in Hearthglen. The story with the town, as I'm told, is that it was once taken by the Scarlet Crusade, but now the Argent Crusade is using it as a training ground for new recruits. They wanted to recruit me, that's for sure, but having spent more time with both the Crusade and the Cenarion folks, I still think that my interest lies with the Earthen Ring.

The Argent Crusade owes me pretty big, however, seeing as I ferreted out a traitor in their midst. After discovering some mysterious transactions and questioning some persons of interest in the camp, I pinpointed the traitor and was rewarded by Tirion Fordring himself! Now there's a man worth his weight in gold, and he shows it by wearing it as armor! They sent me on my happy way to seek my fortune in the Eastern Plaguelands.

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