30 November 2011

Furtive Father Winter Event!

Hello Blogosphere! This year I would like to host a Furtive Father Winter gift exchange. It is open to anyone with an email address, a blog, and some winter cheer. Because the holiday season can be quite hectic, the concept is simple:

  1. Between now and December 15th, please email me using the comment form in my sidebar, OR leave a comment on this post or the Blog Azeroth thread to state your interest to participate. (You can also try twitter but it doesn't always alert me -_-)
  2. On December 16th, I will pair up participants and contact everyone with the name and email address of their gift recipient.
  3. Gift givers should then learn about their recipient and create a [holiday-themed] post using prose, poetry, music, graphic art, screenshots, or anything else of their choosing. There is no quantity requirement; just make something you might like to receive as a gift!
  4. Between December 20th and 31st, please deliver your post to its recipient, and publish your gift on your blog! Be sure to give credit to the gift-giver so we can appreciate your creativity!

Please try to send accessible files, for instance .zip instead of .rar, and MS Office documents compatible with 2000/XP rather than 2007 only.

Feel free to nab the lazy graphic I cobbled together and spread the word! Happy Winter Veil!

Gift posts are being posted! Thank you to everyone for participating!
AmerenceAmerence Love WoW - from red cow rise
LialaDisciplinary Action - from The Golden Crusade
KamaliaKamalia et Alia - from Disciplinary Action
WindsoarJaded Alt - from Effraeti's RP
DraccusA Druid's Doodling - from Flinthammer Hall
NavimieThe Daily Frostwolf - from Heroically Random
Cymre - Bubbles of Mischief - from Fel Concentration
BeruthielFalling Leaves and Wings - from The Bossy Pally
OphelieThe Bossy Pally - from Raiding After Dark
Akabekored cow rise - from Dwarven Battle Medic
MiaChronicles of Mia - from Bubbles of Mischief
EffraetiEffraeti's RP - from Bravetank
AnslymBag Overflow - from The Daily Frostwolf
GladlyThe Ready Check - from Children of Wrath
PoneriaFel Concentration - from Altaholic Warcraft
Thespius - Healer by Nature - from AmerPriest
RenaissanceMan - Children of Wrath - from The Reluctant Raider
Morrighan - Caer Morrighan - from The Ready Check
Xsinthis - The Golden Crusade - from Kamalia et Alia
Saif - Raiding After Dark - from Chronicles of Mia
Angelya - Revive and Rejuvenate - from Falling Leaves and Wings
Karegina - The Reluctant Raider - from A Druid's Doodling
Oestrus - The Stories of O - from Resto is Epic
Dreamy - Drunkard's Regalia - from Jaded Alt
Rilandune - Heroically Random - from The Stories of O
Bravetank - Bravetank - from Bag Overflow
Ringo Flinthammer - Flinthammer Hall - from Caer Morrighan
Fannon - Dwarven Battle Medic - from Healer By Nature
Katarnas - Resto Is Epic - from Revive and Rejuvenate
Nightwill - Info about WoW from the Altaholic - from Drunkard's Regalia


  1. I was kind of sad that I missed the artists' image exchange last Winter Veil, so I'd love to be part of this!

  2. Sounds great Aka! count me in. amerpriest@yahoo.com =)

  3. Looks like I'll need to put my thinking cap on. Count me in :)

  4. Sign me up! (windsoar.jadedalt@gmail.com)

  5. Count Draccus Moonsayer in for the Furtive Father Winder event (druiddoodles@gmail.com) We can figure out the logistics, and perhaps a welcome guest writer to do what Shakespeare says we all do, "contribute but a verse."

    Should the event be code named or have the hash tag of #FFW or #FeaturedFriendsWinter? Either way, hope we get even more solid community support and involvement like we did with #BAThankslinking.

    Great idea and thanks for leading the Holiday spirit in a wonderful format.

  6. Glad to see so much interest! Remember that I need an email address to contact you privately with - feel free to use my contact form in the sidebar to send it privately to me!

  7. Count me in- fun! disciplinaryaction at yahoo

  8. Count me in! What an exciting take on a Secret Santa gift exchange. :D


    ~ Effy

  9. Did this last year and I had a blast! Count me in for sure! My email is Bagoverflow@hotmail.com


  10. I want in. :) ( poneria.fc@gmail.com )

  11. Just updating my comment with my new Blog address: https://bubblesofmischief.wordpress.com/

  12. Highly recommend as a source of research on your paired #ffw person to find them on Twitter if not already there, check past posts that reveal a little something about them, & lastly look at their characters.

    Totally jacked about crafting up a quality gift for my person. Grandfather Winter couldn't out do my gift giving to this person this year. That is, as long as he isn't handing out tier13 tokens like fortune cookies at a Chinese restaurant.