27 November 2011

IntPiPoMo: Red Leaves!

My final installment for IntPiPoMo 2011 is a series of photos from a recent trip to the Philosopher's Path in Kyoto. I had actually never walked it, and hadn't even been to Ginkakuji which marks the end of the path, so it was a new experience to boot! This is the time of year when the leaves go red and momiji are particularly vibrant. Sunny days and bright colors in nature always make me feel overwhelmed with...I don't know, inspiration? Creativity? Joy? I find myself wanting to inhale all the color and fill my lungs with it, or drink it into my eyes and let it drip through my whole body. Consequently, I end up with all these awkward, shapeless photos of directionless color if I'm not extremely conscientious of what I'm doing. Hopefully these pictures can give you some idea of the riotous color explosion.

Nearly 20 pictures, so I've hidden them behind a cut. As always, best viewed on the website using Blogger's lightbox.

ginkgo and momiji

not quite turned yet

the aqueduct


bonus beko!


  1. Absolutely stunning! I would love to travel an area like that, part of my dream. Especially with the Japanese old-style buildings and such :)

    - Jamin

  2. Beautiful, just awe-inspiringly beautiful!

  3. Fall-colored leaves are the best photo ops ever. Beautiful.

  4. Oh, those are gorgeous! I particularly like the first one (with the signpost), the third one (such a pretty picture of the light and water, too!), the tenth one, and the twelfth one. And you are so cute :D

  5. @Jamin: It is a great route and I highly recommend it if you visit Kyoto.

    @Solitude: Thanks!

    @elfi: I agree! Thanks :)

    @kamalia: I was afraid the water one wouldn't turn out, but it looks pretty good! Thanks :>

  6. Oh wow, what a beautiful place :) I'm sad that we don't really get seasonal colours like that here, but we do get some colourful flowers around this time of year so I suppose it evens out :)

    Thanks for joining in with IntPiPoMo!

  7. @Angelya: Thanks for hosting it! It was a really cute idea and had a great turnout besides! I love seeing what other people find worth screenshotting.