18 June 2012

The New Recruit (guest post!)

You guys, I have amazing friends. Anytime someone is like "people you know on the internet totes aren't really friends" you smack 'em and show 'em the posts and post ideas I've gotten from my guildie buddies. Like this week! Here I am flipping my shit over visa paperwork and my friend Dah comes up with some lovely guest posts about his tauren toons to help me out. And you had better hope this becomes a regular thing because THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME. (Previously from Dah: Dahakha's Finale)


Hadakha nodded to the tauren as he brushed aside the curtain covering the doorway. The sounds of Orgrimmar faded a little as the heavy hide fell back into place. The tauren grimaced, pushed himself to his feet and tugged a rope near his workbench. A soft chime sounded above, on the upper level of the building, and a moment later footsteps clumped down the ramp. The orc checked herself as she caught sight of Hadakha, then sighed and descended to the floor.

"I don't suppose the Circle has a moderately.....what's the word I'm looking for....uneventful request for us this time?" she asked half-resignedly.

Hadakha gave her a wry grin. "I would never presume to make your lives boring,", he said, "but the fact is that you have proven yourselves to be very resourceful in the past, and as such the Circle has come to rely upon the ingenuity of leatherworkers of your calibre. Of course, since this armour has never been made before, you have complete freedom of design. We are interested only in the results."

"Of course you are..." The orc turned to the tauren. "Well? Once more into the thick of it?" As the tauren grunted his assent she looked sharply at Hadakha. "You have a suitable commission for us, naturally?"

Reaching into his tunic, Hadakha pulled out a large pouch, which he tossed to her. It tinkled as she caught it and passed it to her partner. The tauren spilled out a small pool of gems, perfectly cut and glittering in the light. He met the orc's eyes, and they grinned at each other.

"Here are the Circle's requirements." Hadakha handed over a sheaf of tightly bound scrolls. "Any other concerns?"

The tauren stared at Hadakha's tabard thoughtfully. "That looks familiar.....we had a customer a few weeks ago wearing one. Druid....wanted us to fix some old armour of hers....I thought you were an agent of the Cenarion Circle. Since when have you joined a guild of adventurers?"

"Ah yes, Akabeko mentioned the good work you had done for her. And yes, I am still a representative of the Circle, however I am on a mission that requires my presence in this guild. I can rely on your discretion, I trust." It was not a question.

At their nods, Hadakha gave them a slight bow and turned to leave. "Good hunting", he said as he pulled the hide back and stepped out into the bustle of the city. He did not envy them their work.


  1. Oh, I am intrigued!

    Good luck with your paperwork; I hope you can get all the creases ironed out soon :)

  2. Oooh I loved Dahahka's finale! I thought he was leaving the game...
    But anyway, looking forward to the next installment!

  3. Dah did leave the game, returned briefly with Had, quit again, and is now back and writing more adventures :D

    And my paperwork is nearly settled!