02 June 2012

Search Terms

For anyone following my Japan adventures, I was accepted to the language program at Doshisha University and need to party this weekend! Please enjoy some funny search terms that have brought people to my blog.

anime characters sitting on a heart - what is this I don't even
damn lol real spongebob - awww yeah you like that costume
"feet on the snail" - I think this is from my winter Gallywix story?
bellsprout dancing - one of my favorite gifs
bone crushing boobs - Wow. Color me impressed.
stole your man - Dare I ask why someone would search for this...?
eleks gel - Is that like horse glue?
garrosh fyi - Someone probably needs to see the Warchief's Command Board.

Get ready, Japan, I've gone BEAR FORM!


  1. "bone crushing boobs"

    Wait, what? I'm not sure what that's referring to (some weird fetish or something), but that's more bizarre than anything I've seen on our blog.

    1. I just wish I knew where it landed them! Who searches for that?!?!

  2. I love funny search terms! They always crack me up!

  3. Congratulations, Beko! That's exciting and awesome and fabulous, et cetera, et cetera.

    You get some awesome search terms. :D
    Sometimes I think about making search terms posts just because everyone else does it, but really, mine aren't interesting enough often enough to be worth making posts about.

  4. @Navi: Same!

    @Kamalia: Thank yoouuuu :):) These search terms are gathered over a few months - every time I see one that makes me go "huh?" I put it in a draft and figured I had enough to make a post of it!

  5. Congratulations and I'm guessing whoever had those epic bone crushing boobs is the same one who stole that man!

    1. Thank you! It certainly seems plausible...but now I'm wondering what type of bone...? Just ignore me I'll be in my bunk :X

  6. Congratulations! Hoping it will be a wonderful experience for you!

    Bone crushing...I am afraid not even Tauren can boast of those. Very strange fantasy to contemplate.

    Or anonymous allusion a' alliteration.

    1. Thanks so much :)

      If anything I feel like orcs might be sporting bone crushing boobs. Or maybe draenei? Theirs can cut glass, after all...