05 September 2012

Dragon*con photospam

As I was taking this some noob driving by yelled "Hey, Avatar!"

belfity belf
I don't know if they couldn't here me or were ignoring me but I had to chase them down for a picture!
Do you want to buy a watering can for your zen garden?
Now, Sailor Moon! Teach them the ABCs of justice!
In the name of the moon, I'll punish you! 
Tarmon Gaidon or bust. Do I spy an Amyrlin?
Fantastic Mat Cauthon and Nynave, with Gareth Bryne in the background.
My friends from uni as Katara and Thor.
Got my eye on you, Avatar.
Papa Adama!!
So say we all
So very blue 
Ho hum sexy anthro Pikachu
This guy had the mannerisms down pat. (those pirates in the background: not so impressed)
Yep, it's Thriller.
Look at this scruffy fellow.
I didn't actually like 300 but...:)
Holy hell, it's Hagrid
Guinan! I love you!
Don't blink
Mini witches!
Glenda bids you farewell.


  1. that 2nd korra pic is awesome!

    1. haha, yes! So glad I crashed their photo party.

  2. I guess you could say that the guy driving by while that first pic was taken was not prepared....

  3. OMG such cool nerd fest pics!!! Hagrid looks especially cool. And I didn't particularly like 300 either but... /drool /grin

    1. HEHEHEHheheheh he ehe
      There were a lot of great boobs on display so I'm glad there was some man eyecandy know what I mean?

  4. That Tauren in Heroic T12 Shaman gear costume is really awesome! I'm glad you got a picture of it to share!

    And wow, so many other cool costumes!

  5. Was awesome to meet you at the Trivia Contest! I also got a picture of Illidan, but I had to take it on a backup camera so it isn't developed yet. Will be mentioning you in a blog post today...

    1. Yes! I'm so glad you handed out those cards :)) I'm hoping to post again about it once I'm more settled in my new apartment!

  6. Thanks for the compliment on my Mat.