11 September 2012

Movellas, I am disappoint

Just a little bit for you today. You may recall the Warcraft Movellas writing competition over a month ago. When I saw the prize list, I suspected it was too good to be true, and it seems that it was. Of course, simply being recognized was a pretty great prize, but when I got an email asking for my address I thought I might actually get a new keyboard! Alas, a month and unanswered emails later, I have to admit that these guys aren't going to come through, and that's kind of disappointing!

In other news, I'm currently in the process of moving into a new apartment near my school, which means lots of hours spent in administrative offices organizing my admission and related immigration nonsense. I'm hoping to have my stuff shipped from my old apartment on Saturday, which means no access to my beautiful computer until then! QQ! However, I did manage to get an iPhone the day after arriving, so once I figure out how to make all the apps work I expect I'll be tweeting some! If you're interested in my non-WoW photo activities you can catch up in these places: twitter, tumblr, instagram: darlingsan

I'm so bummed that I'm missing so many weeks of pre-expac excitement! I want to be trundling around everywhere as a crazy tree, whacking miscreants left and right with my leafy branches. My friend recently sent me a very intriguing GW2 video which had some legitimate criticism of WoW, but I still like it! I like the quests and the grinds and the gameplay! UGH I just want to hole up in my room and play!!

Finally, I would also like to read the new novel, but why on earth is the kindle edition five bucks more than the paperback? BUH.


  1. Oh that SUCKS... :(
    /bans Movellas

  2. Woot! I was able to reserve a copy of the book from the public library. I know I have to wait, but no fee!