03 September 2012

Good & Bad

I was really hoping to have more time to play WoW this summer! Even though the speed and graphics limitations on my macbook are pretty discouraging, there have been some evenings where I've wished I could watch Scrubs reruns and level or grind Tol Barad tokens. I lost a lot of time having to wait for an OS upgrade and then convince my mom to let me use the keyboard from her computer, not to mention all the traveling I've been doing.

Then again, the traveling has been pretty rewarding. I got to visit my grandparents, get my long-awaited   tattoo and bonus ear piercings, visit my best friend, and see my cousins in New York. I explored Cathedral Caverns, got to eat fantastic food, saw a Broadway show (Rock of Ages), met a chiweenie puppy, and now I'm getting to enjoy a convention of nerdfolk!

Sadly, I am extremely behind in my blog reading. I've got almost 2 weeks worth of posts to work through, along with hours and hours of podcasts for listening! If you get any comments on really old posts, well that's why. However, while it's still relatively new, you should go and appreciate this wonderful fanart Kamalia made for me and Navi's scheme at the Darkmoon Faire! It's completely perfect, and I love the detail of everything on the desk!

More things to look at!

Apologies: Dos and Dont's at the Border House Blog

The ALT: ernative Guide to the 5.0.4 Patch Notes (relevant for me because I AM SO DAMN BEHIND)

5.0.4 Resto Druid FAQ from Falling Leaves and Wings


  1. Heya, Aka! I know how you feel. But at least you have spend some good times with your friends and family. For me, My grand father just passed away a week ago, family been grieving and praying for him. I have not been able to play WoW for 3months, time to time i do log and play Diablo 3.

    Im also moving to Los Angeles and I was also exhausted driving back and forth from LA to Sacramento. It's been an exhausting, and not mentally stable week for me. but at least I was able to spend time, and chat with family, friends and relatives. When I have time I like to focus on my blogging again I know even though I was also extremely behind reading, commenting and posting haha! Anyway, Have a great day! =)

    1. Hey it's great to hear from you! My condolences for the loss of your grandfather; I hope you heal quickly. Good luck with your move! I'll be returning to Japan very soon and then moving apartments without the use of a car ^^;;;

  2. Little behind here as well but welcome back! Been leveling alts on two accounts before MOP hits. Hope to have 20 85s before then!