26 September 2012

Is everyone level 90 yet?

Every expansion I read tons of posts about preparing for the coming content and think "Oh, yeah, I should stock up dailies and crafting mats." And then I don't. Of course, I know I'm not exactly in the running for realm first of anything. I'll get to max level eventually, probably soon after I start getting heckled by guildies to catch up and run dungeons with them.

This past week I started logging in more, and more regularly. Amazingly, stuff got done! I got to see the Theramore scenario, took care of the new Scarlet Monastery, finished up my last achievement in Tol Barad, and powered through the last few achievements I needed for my Cata heroic dungeon drake! Many of those were thanks to Rades filling out our guild group of four, and he got his drake too!

On Tuesday I was at school for most of the day, finally coming home late and playing way past my bedtime. Everything is so great!! I started my pandaren monk and was extremely surprised to see that the starting zone was pretty empty. I suppose by that time everyone was already level 30 or so. The music is much more varied than in the beta, and it's so good! I'm really enjoying listening to it while questing.

Earlier today, instead of making flashcards like I should have been, I instead logged into my main to start up ~pet battles~. If you haven't looked into it yet, I found what appears to be a great addon for that called PetBattle Teams, which does exactly what it sounds like. I hope you can name the teams!

In other news, for the two of you following the fiction updates on the blog, I've compiled the timeline on the Series & Resources page immediately under the Leatherworkers section. Hopefully it makes the progression clearer!



  1. I'm not to level 90 yet, but then, I didn't expect to be. BTH and I both had to work on Tuesday, and we were expecting the game installation and login to be a lot slower and buggier than it was, so we didn't even start until after we both got home from work. Still, we did manage to get to level 86 before we went to bed on Tuesday night. BTH took the day off from work on Wednesday, and we both got to level 88 before we went to bed. He's about 30% of a level ahead of me because he's an Herbalist and his character is in a level 25 guild with all the +XP perks and mine isn't, so this afternoon I'm trying to play catch-up by doing Archaeology and running dungeons without him. We plan to get to level 89 tonight and to hit 90 on Friday.

    1. All I've managed to accomplish this week is training a few battle pets and getting a pandaren monk to level 15. I haven't gone anywhere on Aka yet because I haven't had time! >< Hope you guys hit 90 soon :D