26 December 2010

Goblin Journals

I wrote these posts during beta whilst leveling my goblin, but 1) the content is actually current now and 2) I don`t think anyone even knew about this blog at the time and I`m proud of these journal-style summaries (and pictures!). Links and excerpts below.

Chapter 1: In which Sprinkie campaigns for Trade Prince

Trade Prince is nearly mine, Journal. I`m way, way up in the polls - and in wealth, too. Sassy Hardwrench was the best investment I ever made. She`s an invaluable assistant and has really coached me to the top. With her people skills and my knack for raking in the macaroons, there`s no way we aren`t destined for greatness.

Chapter 2: In which Sprinkie saves everybody

I found the orcs. Been pretty much singlehandedly saving them from everything. They couldn't even deal with an endless forest of constricting, freezing, carnivorous plants! Sheesh, how did they survive anything? The payment isn't all that good, but they are fixing up my gear at least. And maybe a little face time will open up some more opportunities.

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