28 December 2010

Goblin Journals (I got what you need!)

The last two collections of journal entries for my goblin mage. Links and exerpts below.

Chapter 3: In which Sprinkie takes care of business

From there it was really just problem after problem. Vicious naga infestation on the island? I get to be the one to deal with it. Take out the big ones, replace some of their flags with the Cartel's, oh and kidnap some of the young'uns. I'm not particularly proud of it, Journal, but I lured away some of the baby naga (cute little tykes, really), to use as a bargaining chip for a peaceful surrender. I would have much preferred to use cold hard cash, but as you may have noticed we are fresh out, and I don't even know what the naga consider valuable.

Chapter 4: In which Sprinkie sticks it to The Man

While I was dealing with the slave pits, they got a footbomb uniform rigged up to take on Gallywix. Hehe. I'm really, really good at footbomb. Marching up to Gallywix and kicking his weenie little rig's can made my day! I felt like a million macaroons. The only thing that really stung was Thrall believing that sniveling weasel and reinstating him as Trade Prince! Hellooooo? What about me? I've pretty much shown that I can make a buck while still saving the collective lives of my associates! What more could you possibly want in a Trade Prince?


  1. Oh my, keep these coming! So much win. I love me some Goblins! On my fourth play through Kezan, keep deleting toons just to keep doing it, it's mental :D

    Hope you're having a great christmas! x

  2. Thanks! I`m back now and definitely still in love with my snarky blue-haired goblin. Do you suppose you would still be interested in her adventures once they`ve become the more mundane level 12+ travels of Azeroth?