22 January 2011

Me update

I've been writing some guides for my own use, so I figured I'd clean them up and share with you folk. They can get kind of boring, however, so how about an update?

I finally got heroic-ready on Aka. Thanks to R&R's wonderful gear list (of all the ones I've seen this one was the most visually appealing and therefore helpful :B) I had some goals to shoot for and mostly accomplished them. I started doing regulars with manfriend's prot pally - we've even been toying with the idea of switching places but that's a way off - after I've got resto gear taken care of. My first heroic was Vortex Pinnacle, followed by Throne of Tides which was...quite an experience. To start with, manfriend and I were taking a quiet weekend at home, so we decided to get outrageously drunk and play WoW. Backed by 3 indulgent guildies, we queued for a random Heroic.

Don't ask me how, but we got through Vortex Pinnacle without a hitch. Then we zoned into ToT... The first boss I understood fine, but I couldn't seem to make my mana last the fight. We wiped and wiped, and even in my drunken haze I was so frustrated - how could I possibly save any mana just to get to the end? After one wipe, as we were buffing up, I realized my mana had mysteriously plummeted. Actually, come to think of it, it was halved - from 80k to 40k buffed! I looked at Titan Panel - 40% durability. I opened my character tab suspiciously.

Everything that could be broken, was! Since the wiping began we hadn't come across a repair, obviously, so I hadn't auto-repaired as I am wont to do. Plus, Titan Panel's durability foolishly averages everything, counting items without durability as permanently 100%. I switched in fubar's durability plugin and got a much more accurate percentage. (Incidentally, I like that it tells you 0% even if only 1 piece is broken. It may not be the actual average, but it's a good incentive to repair) One Jeeves later and we were sailing through just fine.

I'm being good and doing my dailies. Sadly, Therazane is the only faction I'm exalted with, but I'm buckling down on Dragonmaw now and wearing the tabard in addition to doing the dailies. I'm doing cooking and fishing dailies - cooking to buy recipes and fishing to get some skillups, seeing as I've had no time to sit down and fish! (Also, I got the strand crawler pet! Hooray!!) I've also started leveling engineering again (finally, groan) due to picking up mining - a big change that will probably merit reflection later.

The guild has been raiding - they have already downed Magmaw, Omnitron, Chimaeron, and Maliorak in the three weeks they have been working. Not being ready to raid means that I missed being even a candidate for the groups - this leads to all sorts of natural worries like setting myself up to be perpetually sat, or at worst carried, but I hope that as the guild progresses we can run 2 groups a week instead of the same every night. I want to contribute - I want to be part of our progression - but at least I'm catching up.

**On a happy note, I won a roll for a BOE epic cloak in a SFK run and was able to trade it and a discounted 4k to the gbank in exchange for my shoulders! Now I have more money to blow on the LW crafted chestpiece and my engineering helm!

Alts...well, I have a lot of them. They are usually neglected. The paladin is about to become a JC; hopefully I'll start to level her before the next expansion. The lock is working the AH (mostly selling leftover enchanting mats and DKMN cards from my turnins) but will need level 75 to keep sending me enchants. And of course there's my goblin mage - the guilty pleasure of this expansion, who will hopefully get some playtime and become and alchemist.


  1. Oh good, I am pleased you found the gear list helpful! I'm still trying to get half the stuff on there together myself ;)
    Good luck with getting to raid ready.. I hope your guild is nice and takes you along soon.

  2. Yea, fortunately I've gotten a few upgrades and cheap enchants and put my name down on the raid-ready list. Now I just need to watch the boss strats :)