16 January 2011

Review: Twilight Highlands

My review of the Twilight Highlands. Note: contains spoilers for this zone.

Twilight Highlands

The visual design of this zone was so-so, and overall the quests were mostly Just Okay, with the dragon-related sequence being Totally Great. Not sure how I feel about working with the Dragonmaw (although Zaela really impressed me) and I do feel bad for killing Wildhammer!



Epic battle
The whole sequence with Alexstraza and Deathwing. Epic. So epic!!!


Look out!
Although I loved the scenes in the dragon quest chain, since I already mentioned it I`ll say that my second favorite was the scene to get into the zone! Seeing all the aircrafts in formation and fighting off the dragons attacking was really fun!


I am looking forward to a long and prosperous life.
The Horde emissary`s quotes as you take him to meet the Dragonmaw. First, the obvious setup that he would die was already funny enough, but by the time it got to "THIS IS DRAGONMAW" I was cracking up.
Those things are deathtraps!


This is perhaps not the...sweetest thing, but to me it was very charming (and amusing) to enjoy the pre-flight safety instructions from Hobart Grapplehammer and Assistant Greely in Azshara. I was pleased to recognize them from my many goblin lowbies and highly entertained by the 5 minute spiel.
Hey little guys!


The baby gryphons! Did anyone else find them in the destroyed dwarf homes? Someone has to save them!!!


The Wildhammer hobbit-houses are the scene for a continuing battle between Dragonmaw and Wildhammer forces, which sucks because I want to hang out there!!

Also, the daily quest Hook `em High is super buggy, giving me Invalid Target more often than actually hooking a mob.


The Horde fleet
I can hit my house from here!
Tentacle monster...
What a nightmare
He's back!


  1. I felt like it was epicly fun to get back whats-his-face's pants back from the "pant thief". Seriously! Those quests make my day after all the "super serious" business with death wing. Also - beer retrieval.

    WTB dwarf tattoos!

  2. Oh snap, it sounds like the quests you are describing are ally-only! I'll have to get my priest leveled up so I can see them :)

    And I agree - dwarf tattoos need to be an option YESTERDAY.

  3. TH is the only zone in Cata I have pretty much avoided (through with all others), mainly because it was the hardest place for me to solo as healing priest, the mob's hit really hard and questing is so sloooow. =/
    your review now makes me think I should give it another go...oh well. :)

  4. Yeowch, I can see where questing as a healy spec could be painful. Just today I was trying to kill one last mob for a daily in TH while waiting on a dungeon queue and found myself battling for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES while my attacks missed and chewed through my mana. TH is fun, but maybe get a buddy or a DPS spec so you don't tear your hair out!