28 January 2011

Reactions to resto druid healing

I'm being more aggressive about jumping into heroics what with the desire to get phat lewts and raid. I've respecced a million times (and imagine I will again when the talent changes go through) and my spec looks like so nowadays:

It was not as hard as I anticipated to relearn 3 stacks of Lifebloom, and I quickly got used to refreshing it with Nourish - I practice by trying to keep one stack on a tank for the entire dungeon. As you can imagine, it gets rather frustrating when people go AFK or do lengthy strat discussions :P

I even got used to the bonus triage of Clearcasting procs, with Healing Touch or Regrowth on hurting party members, or to refresh the tank's LB if nothing else. What I am still struggling with is Rejuvenation - it's all I have when on the run and in need of single target heals! When Efflorescence and Wild Growth are on cooldown I often find myself spamming it in addition to Nourish, but hopefully the coming talent change will make that less punitive. At least I no longer accidentally use LB and screw up my tank hots.

WG is useful now that I let myself use it when necessary. Efflorescence, on the other hand, remains a colossal disappointment. I hate using it on DPS and seeing them all kindly cluster in it, only to get some pathetic ticks that still require more attention from me. I want to like it, and I want to use it, but it's just so disappointing right now.

Cleansing is good and bad - I love having a magic cleanse but get annoyed when I waste it on a debuff that's already cleansed or fallen off. And especially in fights like Asaad it's a huge mana drain. The first time I see a debuff I let it tick and read the description to see if I can get away with healing through or ignoring it.

Tranquility I'm trying to remember more often - I always feel a little embarrassed when a boomkin pops it in a crisis situation and I remember I have it. Tree form, on the other hand, I remember I have but neglect to use because when the shit hits the fan, I'm too OOM to handle all the mana-use of insta-regrowths and LBs galore. Speaking of ToL, I'm a little relieved that they are making it so you can't maintain multiple LB stacks via Nourish rotation. To be frank, I was disappointed that the method was so effective, because I didn't want to have to adopt a 2-spell rotation in order to be competitive.

I'm trying to tweak my addons to be more informative - I recently discovered that there is a new GridStatusRaidDebuff for Cataclysm raids, and if you check Detect New Debuff it will show any debuffs you come across (before checking that I could not get it to display as either a center icon or border indicator). Watching my party's debuffs makes me want to micromanage them... I also added some new power auras (or tried to - it won't recognize my "ToL active" icon and duration, and I even tried Beru's export with no luck. Tips?) for Barkskin use and CD, Thorns CD, and procs like Heartsong, my +Int glove tinker, and my trinkets. I don't want those last ones to be visible all the time, but I am curious as to how and when they are proccing at the moment. Will get some exports for you soon!


  1. The craziness that is gridstatusraiddebuff. Now they have separate imports for raid debuffs from every expansion. I guess if you don't want BC buffs, don't download them.

  2. I actually didn't use it at all during BC, but I'm kind of thinking I might not get the wotlk package again unless we start running ICC as a guild again...