07 January 2011

Review: Deepholm

My thoughts on questing in Deepholm. Note: contains spoilers for the zone.


Deepholm is a unique place - it`s the center of the earth, after all. After Vashj`ir it felt rather small, but it`s gorgeous in it`s own special way and has its own host of interesting characters. My new favorite is probably Stormcaller Myrla (after the Stonemother herself), both because Wildhammer dwarves are super cool and because her questline is nonstop awesome.



Battling a baddie while on the back of a drake. Although I don`t think you can be unseated and the fight is the same as any other (except where you`re on a drake instead of the ground), it was still so fun to see the ground whizzing past below! (Also, note that if you have any sort of minipet summoned, or an autosummon macro, it will screw up the dragon summon for this quest!)

Drake ridin'

Here we gooooooooo!
Were there any cutscenes in Deepholm? The only one I can recall is the one where you actually pass through the Maelstrom to dive into Deepholm, which is certainly worthy of being the best for the zone anyway! (Come to think of it, isn't that more of a taxi anyway?) My favorite part was where Aggra was yelling as you got closer and closer to the whirling mass of doom..."Hope you`ve got a strong stomach!"

Don't drop me!
"Stop it, you tiny, angry woman!" Not only this quote, but the whole series had me laughing, mostly in giggling fear of Myrla's wrath.


Pebble! How cute can things get?? He even makes puppy-dog eyes at you and ineffectually tries to help you fight! I don`t care how obviously intentional all of the cuteness is presented as - Pebble is The Cutest Pet and I can`t wait to get my very own!


Therazane mentioning her daughter`s death made me sad (mostly because I was partially responsible for it!), but her quest to kill her son made me sad as well. It implies that she has many other children, but having already lost one and then having to destroy another was heartbreaking to me.


At one point, a named mob you go to kill shouts "Deathwing will have his way with your Stonemother!" I was pretty disgusted by this threat to rape a female character. Especially because this is explicitly a threat of gendered violence - had it been, say, Thrall who was referenced, it wouldn`t even occur to use the language "have his way with your Warchief" because the cultural narrative states that rape is something that happens to women. This quote was definitely a shock of cold water in what was otherwise an enjoyable zone.

ALSO, they made up a super cool new earth elemental-type mob and made it some two-bit assistant to the old BC rock dude models? Whose bright idea was that??


Thrall's balls!
Troggzor was a man. I mean, he was a trogg-man. Or maybe he was just a trogg.
Cultist gate

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