01 January 2011

Goblin summaries

After finishing the goblin starting area I had Some Thoughts and wrote long posts to that effect. Discussion!!

Criticism: Trade Prince? Me?; Hetero-normativity is not for everyone

My thoughts now: With more zones under my belt, I`m honestly starting to think that Blizz`s treatment of female NPCs is getting progressively more stereotypical and lazy. It`s disappointing that in many cases they leave out women entirely, or include them but ignore them, or reduce them to frustrating and/or harmful caricatures. In general I`m still unsure about having each goblin`s story be Trade-Prince-candidate. As an afterthought I didn`t include the first time around, I`m surprised that Chip gets killed for just working with Gallywix, whilst Gally himself gets a slap on the wrist and his old job back.

Compliments: Hilarity, fun, crafted storytelling, music, scenery

My thoughts now: Having played more of the new content, I now see that the care taken in this zone was applied to nearly every other zone, making it all the more impressive! When I talked about the singular story with a cast of recurring characters, I was amazed to discover the same sort of NPC group moving from quest hub to quest hub as you play out the story. However, the more linear I realize it is, the more I think it may be a bad thing when wanting to skip quests or hubs. Really, though, it`s all so fun that I wonder if it will actually bother me :D

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