19 January 2011

Review: Mount Hyjal

This is my review for the quests in Mount Hyjal. Note: contains spoilers for the zone.

Mount Hyjal



It's me, Akabekodamus!
The infiltrating the cult quest chain was pretty amazing. It tied together all of the demigods you had helped out previously, and has both fun and serious moments. I know a lot of people talked about having trouble completing the graduation speech, but to be honest I didn't really notice any difficulties. Well, except for the part where their "insanity" looks like dancing. I figured it out from the quotes, but that visual was not what I was expecting!

It got stuck here for the rest of the scene.

Naturally, the one at the end where you help Cenarius get summoned to Hyjal. The frustrating thing is that my cutscene somehow managed to bug out, and after seeing the demigods arrive I was left stuck at Aviana watching the empty lake and doing idle animation backflips. After a few awkward seconds of this I realized it had bugged out and had to go watch it on youtube. Highly disappointing!


Would you mind hanging out a little longer?
Kristoff Manheim. I'm so sorry, dude. Of the many things I like about this guy, the one that I noticed first is how his exclamation mark rotates as he spins on the chain.


Turtle down!
Tortolla's revenge! You get a little buddy to help you kill Nemesis because it pissed off Tortolla. These are the same little guys that you rescue from their eggs - when they emerge some say "Mama!" Gaaahh baby turtles!!!

I also thought the critter saving quest text was pretty cute (despite myself). The quest itself, however, was a huge pain, what with all the frenzied hopping about and generally running away from my help!


My time is done.
Poor Nordu! When you come across him he's standing alone on a hill with baddies rushing in and flinging fire at him! You complete his quest, and he's like, "Good job; I'm going to die now." Can't...can't we just put out the fires??


Jousting! Ugghhh. I spent the entire quest flopping helplessly off the side of cliffs in the area while manfriend zipped around actually killing the mobs. I think I contributed a total of 3 kills. On the one hand, I feel like it' such a PITA that it should come with a reward, and on the other hand I don't want anyone to have to suffer through it for the reward.


Wink wink, nudge nudge
How's it going?
Can I have a refund?

Does it feel soft?
I'm flooaaaatiiiing.

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