24 September 2012

The Horde Attacks [guest post ++]

The tauren's eyes fluttered open as Hadakha rose from his side, ready to make room for the next shift in the healing rotation. A callused hand reached out and grabbed his arm. He looked down at the ravaged form as the tauren's mouth moved, then bent down and offered a trickle of water to his patient. After moistening his lips, the tauren croaked "Thank.....you."

Hadakha patted the hand on his arm and gently laid it back on the bed. "I'm glad to help, my friend." He stepped toward the door and, hearing the commotion outside, turned to appraise the tauren. "Do you think you can handle visitors?" he asked wryly.

The corner of the tauren's mouth lifted slightly in response. "Don't.....let her......get to....you. Not.....your....fault." Hadakha nodded soberly and strode out of the room, almost running into the orc standing right outside. They stared at each other for a long moment, Hadakha meeting her angry, bitter gaze calmly. He put his hand on her shoulder.

"He is awake. You can see him now. Try not to tire him out." The orc snorted, shrugged his hand off and pushed past him into the room. He exchanged knowing looks with the short, matronly troll woman who was his replacement shift, and strode out into the late morning sun.

He looked around lazily, wondering whether or not he should go down to the training pen for more healing practice. It was hard to get enthusiastic about it though – he had been dutifully putting in a couple of hours each day while waiting for Akabeko to return from wherever she'd disappeared to. He remembered the raid leader, Katza, grumbling about "sending her home to cool off", so maybe she was in Mulgore.....

Suddenly an arm linked through his, and he found himself walking alongside a very cheerful druid. Akabeko grinned at him. "Good morning! How's your energy? Feel like doing some real training?"

"You're certainly in a good mood today. Any particular reason?"

"I've just had a very relaxing break, now that you mention it! Although" she frowned, "someone defiled the grave of an old guild member, Dahakha – he was before your time. If I ever find them..... You okay?" Hadakha nodded as he recovered from his stumble. "So, let's go do some multi-target training! I'll just need to grab my kit from HQ first. You should probably bring some gear too."

Five minutes later, they entered the guild headquarters. As they headed for their rooms though, another guild member burst in, wildly looking around. "Quick! You guys gotta come see this! The Horde has assaulted Theramore!"

Hadakha and Akabeko looked at each other. As one, they bolted for the door, dashing out into the excitement that was starting to sweep Orgrimmar.

A goblin had set up a small podium and was speaking into an unnecessarily complicated megaphone. The druids pushed their way through the crowd, listening to her steady stream of reports.

"...framed as a mission to rescue a captured Horde spy ended with an aerial assault on the Alliance outpost Theramore. Through superior goblin technology and the might of the Horde, the endeavor was a success. Horde casualties were minimal, and Theramore lies in ruins. So far, the deaths of prominent Alliance members, including Jaina Proudmoore, are unconfirmed. For more news as it breaks or a commemorative plaque, please see one of my associates near the podium. For the Horde!"

The cry was taken up by her associates and some in the crowd. She began her spiel again.

"Early this morning, Garrosh Hellscream, Warchief of the Horde, directed a military maneuver framed..."

Around them, commotion surged as newcomers pushed forward to listen and those who had already heard retreated to talk amongst themselves.

Hadakha turned to his guildmate and found her stock still, gripping both of her braids with more force than necessary. "Aka?" he said, repeating himself to be heard over the hubbub.

She shook herself. "Why would Hellscream attack Theramore unprovoked? What news has there been recently that suggests it's a threat?"

"Maybe we're not privy to all the information the Warchief is." He wrinkled his nose. "Although you'd think there would be more prelude to a major event like this."

Akabeko opened her mouth as if to argue, then visibly wiped the concern from her expression. "Perhaps I should have been following current events more closely. Then again, I’m just a cog in the war machine. I’m sure the Warchief has his reasons. I'm...going to get one of those newspapers, and then we are going to train properly."

"Right," Hadakha agreed. He nonchalantly offered to carry the newspaper after watching the way she wrung it between her hands.


  1. Although you'd think there would be more prelude to a major event like this."

    Yeah, LOVE THAT LINE!!!

    (well done as a whole)

    1. Thank you <33 I'm reading Tides of War now, but still no explanation for the attack is forthcoming -_-